Review: Fresh (brand) Sugar Lip Treatment

This is one of the two products that came in my Sephora birthday gift this year. (The other was a tinted version of the same product.)  I look forward to these free products all year long and was glad to have something new to try…

Pros:  Broad-spectrum SPF 15.  Contains antioxidant grapeseed polyphenols and vitamins A, C, and E.  Paraben-free.  Nice container.  (It’s metal and the lid has to be twisted off, which means it can’t accidentally fall off.  Lip balm is retractable.)  Not sticky or waxy.  Nice “flavor” (a creamy lemon type).

Cons.  Ridiculously expensive.  Doesn’t last as long as some products.  You can’t carry it in your pocket or leave it anywhere warm, because it will melt and be messy.  It says it “plumps” the lips.  I didn’t notice it having this effect on mine, nor would I want it to.

In Summary:  Just when I was feeling bad about my addiction to Jack Black Lip Balm ($7.50), I now have a reason to feel less guilty.  Apparently, people are spending three times as much on lip balm.  Crazy.  Seriously, it’s good lip balm, but it’s not good enough to justify the price.  It works only slightly better than the much-less-expensive Burt’s Bees with acai or pomegranate.  However, it got rave reviews on the Sephora site.  I guess all those people got it for their birthday, too…

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars  

Price:  $22.50 for .15 oz stick

Available at:  Sephora,,, various other retailers

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