Review: The Body Shop Hemp Foot, Hand, and Body Trio

I’ve been needing to find a new hand and foot lotion for a while now.  The stuff I’m using contains parabens, so I’m not going to buy it anymore.  I got a great deal on this set (the price was less than just the cost of the hand cream), and I had heard such great things about the hemp hand cream, that I really wanted to try it.  So I ordered it online (partially because I was getting some software for free by ordering from The Body Shop.)  I should have gone to the store to check it out first…

Pros:  Paraben-free.  Great price for the set (especially when discounted, as I got it).  The one product I tried (the hand protector)  works really well.  I’m sure the other products do, too, but I’ll never know (keep reading).  I think the tin is very pretty, even though it has a big “hemp” logo on the outside, which some could misinterpret as marijuana.

Cons:  The smell.  It has “fragrance” listed in the much higher in the ingredient list than many items, so I have no idea why it smells this bad.  The inner plastic part that holds the items isn’t recyclable – kind of odd for a company that advertises its social responsibility.

In Summary:  The only product I tried was the hand protector, because they all smell the same.  I’m not kidding when I say I cannot stand the fragrance.  I put the lotion on before bed and was overwhelmed by how strong/unpleasant it was.  I’m not very picky about fragrances, either.  I like everything from fruity to spicy to floral, but this was way too “earthy” (I guess that’s how I’d describe it???) for me.  I put my “old” lotion on over it, trying to make it more bearable, and it was still pretty bad.  I almost never return products I’ve already opened, but I’m going to try to exchange this for something else.  I thought about buying and adding some essential oils, but if I do that I’ll be spending more money on the products than they’re worth.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars (only because of the fragrance!) 

Price:  Originally $20, on sale for $14

Available at:  The Body Shop


Hemp Hand Protector (3.3 oz/full-size)

Hemp Foot Protector (.5 oz)

Hemp Body Butter (1.69 oz., almost same as “mini” size)

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