Rant: yestocarrots.com

You’ve probably already figured out that I love to get a good deal.  I regularly buy deals on Groupon, Living Social, and every other “deal” site I can find.  This year, I’ve bought two deals offered by yestocarrots.com from Plum District.  They were $15 for $35 worth of products and shipping was free as long as you spent the whole $35.  Great deal, right?  Yeah, maybe not…

Problems I Encountered: 

Many items listed on the website are backordered.  Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing that unless you call the company or actually order them.

No actual order status is given by the “order status” feature of the website.  It only shows if the order has shipped or not, with no information about the availability of the ordered items.

No contact received from the company after the “Items you ordered are on backorder” e-mail was received.  The first time, I called and ordered replacement items.  I was disappointed in some of the products I “settled” for, so I didn’t want to do that a second time.  After the second order, I received no order updates or communication after a MONTH, so I called.  3 of the items had become available, but nobody bothered to tell me (and I’m sure they weren’t set aside to try to complete my order).  I think the customer service rep was embarrassed, so she offered to send out the 3 items that were in stock.  (Other people have complained that this offer wasn’t given to them when they called.)

Why I’m So Annoyed:

They’ve already gotten the money.  Because it was a Plum District deal, the order has already been paid for, regardless of the fact it’s being given at a discount.

They obviously put the deal out there knowing this would happen.  When it happened the first time, I thought they were unprepared for the massive response.  That couldn’t be the excuse a second time.

They made no offer to “make up” for their horrible customer service.  The 3 available items arrived yesterday.  There wasn’t even so much as a note, free sample, or anything else to make me think they care about my business.  When I called, there was still an outstanding payment of 93 cents (the amount I went “over” the promotional deal) and they went ahead and charged me that 93 cents.  Seriously, you couldn’t let that slide after I waited a month?

I’ve been advertising these deals on my blog/Facebook page.  I feel like I’ve been telling people about a “great deal” that’s really a scam.  It seems like they’re intentionally letting items get backordered, so people will order other stuff they’re having a hard time getting off the shelves.

– The item still on backorder is sunscreen.  Seriously?  You didn’t think people would order sunscreen in summer?  It looks like by the time I get it, summer will be over.

– They have advertising all over the internet for products I know are on backorder.  Yes, I know it’s “targeted” advertising aimed at me because I was looking at this website and my browser is tracking my activity.  It’s still annoying.

– I really wanted to support this company.   They make some decent products with organic ingredients.  They have charity endeavours that I think are pretty great.

– I posted on their Facebook page about my disappointment (tactfully) and got no response.  Several others chimed in with similar/exact same experiences.  No one from the Yes to… company has responded.

– It’s 2012.  Customer service in the digital age is so much easier to do right.  You can e-mail, respond to Facebook posts, tweet, etc.  There’s no excuse for poor communication with customers.  If you haven’t figured out how to use technology to make your business better, you shouldn’t be in business.

What I’m Going To Do:

– No longer order these deals.  Obviously.

– Never order from this website again.  No matter how good of a deal I get.

– Never advertise their deals or promotions on my blog/Facebook page again.  I feel guilty that I ever did, now that I know so many other people are having the same bad experience.

– Never buy their products again.  Nothing they make is indispensable to me.  Yes, I’d like to buy more “natural” products, but they’re not the only company making them.  I’m not interested in supporting a company that can’t manage basic customer service functions.

– Contact Plum District.  I’m going to relay my bad experiences with yestocarrots.com to Plum District.  I’m sure they don’t want their business being affected by the bad customer service practices of their partners.  It reflects on them, whether it should or not.

– Unsubscribe from their mailing list.  That’s one less e-mail I have to read, anyway.

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