Beauty Trends: The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Weird

I like boldness.  I love people who speak their mind.  I admire people who create their own sense of fashion.  There are some beauty trends I love and some I can’t imagine looking good on anyone but a runway model…

Love:  Dip Dye (or “Ombre”) Hair

This look can be achieved in a multitude of ways, including permanent dye, chalk, and “hair mascara”.  I love the look, especially with un-natural shades.  (I think with “normal” hair color, it just looks like a bad dye job…)  Can I pull it off?  No.  But a girl can dream.

photo courtesy of Vogue UK

Love:  Nail Art

I used to reserve “nail art” for special occasions – hearts on Valentine’s Day, “spirit” messages to support my kids’ activities, etc.  (Of course, that was before it was a “trend”.)  However, with the recent increase of nail art, I think I might be able to get away with some more subtle patterns/designs every now and then.  I recently let my daughter do polka dots in various patterns on my nails, which was fun.    I just have to make sure I don’t end up looking like the ridiculous woman who’s in denial of her age…

photo courtesy of

Love:  Metallic Nail Polish

Years ago, Revlon had a line of metallic nail polishes (“chrome”).  I loved it.  Apparently, I was the only one who was ready for this beauty trend, because it got discontinued.  But, hey, metallics are back!   And I think this is a trend I can get away with, despite my age.

Not-so-favorite gold color shown. Photo courtesy of

Love:  Bold Eye Shadow Looks

Eye shadow is my biggest beauty “rut”.  I kind of have the same formula for applying eye shadow.  I’m trying really hard to remember to try some of these other “looks”.  It’s just so easy to always do the same thing with your eye makeup, and hard to figure out how to make some of these work.

photo courtesy of


Dislike:  “Ombre” Lip

I saw this “look” in Lucky Magazine.  (This isn’t the photo from Lucky.)  It “looks” like the model has been eating a popsicle while somehow maintaining her lipstick.  Weird.  I will admit, it looks cool when done with certain shades and in certain ways.  But it’s still odd.

photo courtesy of

Hate:  Two-Tone Lip

I can appreciate getting away from the “matching” tendency.  With some things – not with lipstick.  Seriously.  Pick a color.  How indecisive do you have to be to create a beauty trend that involves wearing two different colors of lipstick?  I think this is getting into things-that-make-you-look-crazy territory.

photo courtesy of

 In Summary:  Maybe I’m a boring person.  I can accept that.  But, hey, at least I can use my age as an excuse to not embrace some of the stranger beauty trends…


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