Review: Tokidoki Arte Palette (“Vegas”)

I have an ongoing “wish list” at  A lot  of it is stuff I want someone to buy me for an upcoming holiday, but some of it is “just in case” items.  You know – “just in case” I need to meet a minimum purchase requirement.  These items are always under $10 and are usually in the “clearance” section.  This palette was one of those items, recently added to meet the minimum purchase I needed to get a “free” gift…

Pros:  Nice colors.  Cute.  Paraben-free.  Decent eye shadows.  Eye shadows not as sparkly as they look in the palette.  (I guess this could be a “con”, but I don’t like sparkly eye shadow.)  Inexpensive.  The colors match the photo very well.  I like that it came with just eye shadows and blush.  I hate palettes with lip gloss.  I’m messy and usually end up getting eye shadow and/or blush powder into them anyway.  Plus, they’re magnets for lint and hair.  Blech.

Cons:  Blush is pretty cheap-ish.  Made in China.

In Summary:  This isn’t a bad palette for the money.  I wish it weren’t made in China (which is why I didn’t give it to my daughter as a gift, as I had planned to do) because I worry about hazardous chemicals, etc.  I’m not going to say it’s the best makeup ever, but it’s not bad.  If you put it on carefully, you can get it to perform well, but this is more the case with the eye shadows than with the blush.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars  

Price:  $6 (originally $10)

Available at:, may be available in Sephora stores

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