Things I Learned from a Power Outage

This is my second attempt at writing this post.  My power has been out since early last night, so I’m posting (well, TRYING to post) from my phone.  I was almost done when the app locked up, saving none of what I’ve written.  OK, other than ”The WordPress app is stupid”, here’s what I’ve learned…

I’m not a patient person.  OK, I already knew this about myself.  It has been underscored by the level of anxiety I’m currently experiencing because I’m unable to type at my usual 70 words-per-minute rate (and the level of hostility I feel towards my power company.)  Argh.

I’m not as ”regimented” as I thought.  I have a nightly beauty regimen that rarely even gets abbreviated.  In a power outage, apparently it goes out the window.  Never mind anti-wrinkle cream, lip balm, and hand lotion – I didn’t even wash my face!  I spent all my energy checking for power restoration updates and researching how long food will last in a fridge/freezer without power.

I will leave the house without makeup.  It’s been about 6 years, by my recollection (dropping the kids off at school doesn’t count!).  There must be several factors, such as: 1. It’s 2:30am.  2.  I’m going to WalMart, where people are notoriously scary-looking. (See for yourself:  3.  I didn’t want to wake up my husband by scrounging around for makeup.  4.  I really, really needed ice to try to salvage my food.  Note:  There have to be several extenuating circumstances.  I wear makeup to the gym.  I wear makeup to the pool/beach.  I wear makeup on campouts.  And I’m still hoping nobody I know saw me…

My Clarisonic stays charged for at least 12 hours. Good to know.  Here’s hoping I don’t have to find out if it makes it to 24 hours without a charge.

My water heater keeps water warm for at least 12 hours.  A couple years ago, we replaced our water heater with a larger, more efficient model – not because it was broken, but because I didn’t like getting a cold shower when I was unlucky enough to be the last person in the house to take one.  I hated the expense, but I was very glad to take a normal-temperature shower this morning. 

I love technology.  I sometimes go on about how I miss ”simpler times” – and I do.  But I’m so immensely bored right now that I think I would be absolutely insane if not for the savior that is my smartphone, which needs to get back to my emergency backup battery charger now…

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