Comparison Review: Amazing Cosmetics vs Cover FX Concealer

Unfortunately, I have to use concealer almost every day.  Even though I’m not a teenager, I still get blemishes.  Also, I have some “spots” that I prefer to hide.  Here’s a side-by-side comparison (well, not literally…) of Cover FX’s “Camouflage” concealer and Amazing Cosmetics’ “Amazing Concealer”, which are two of the best concealers I’ve tried..  The star beside the product indicates it’s won in that category.  No “star” indicates there isn’t a clear winner, because the importance of the comparison items may vary by person…


Amazing Cosmetics:   Excellent coverage.                            

Cover FX:  Good coverage.


Amazing Cosmetics:  $28 for .2 oz, $42 for .5 oz.

Cover FX:  $28 for .5 oz 


Amazing Cosmetics:  Paraben-free.  NOT oil-free.

Cover FX:  Paraben-free.  Oil-free. Contains retinol, collagen, and anti-oxidants. 

Color Availability

Amazing Cosmetics:  10 shades 

Cover FX:  6 shades

Country of Origin

Amazing Cosmetics:  Made in USA.

Cover FX:  Made in Canada.


Amazing Cosmetics:  Waterproof.  Paraben-free.

Cover FX:  Paraben-free.  Oil-free.  Contains retinol, collagen, and anti-oxidants.  Contains bisabolol, which is supposed to reduce redness and inflammation.  Contains a multi-peptide complex to aid healing.


Amazing Cosmetics:  Not oil-free.

Cover FX:  Not waterproof.

Miscellaneous Info

Amazing Cosmetics:  Available at Sephora, Ulta, manufacturer website, and some online retailers.

Cover FX:  Available at Sephora, manufacturer website, and some online retailers.

In Summary:  Both are good concealers and both are better than all the “drug store brands” I’ve tried.  Although the Cover FX one has a cheaper per-ounce price, I usually end up throwing away concealers due to age before I use them all up.  So, this is kind of a non-issue for me.  I like that Amazing Cosmetics covers a little better, comes in more shades, and is waterproof, but I hate that it isn’t oil-free.  (Um, hello, I obviously have breakout-prone skin.  I probably want it the stuff I put on it to be oil-free…)  All that being said, I think I’m going to use the Amazing Cosmetics stuff when I need more coverage and/or waterproof coverage and the Cover FX on my “less made-up” days.  Too bad I only have a sample of the Cover FX…


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  1. masquerade21

     /  July 9, 2012

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    • That’s a great idea. Unfortunately, Facebook won’t let me “join” from my FB page (only my personal account) and I’m trying to keep the 2 separate for security reasons. Thank you for the invite, though!

      • masquerade21

         /  July 9, 2012

        aww that’s a shame but I understand, you know where we are if you ever change your mind 🙂

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