Review: göt2b “smooth operator” Smoothing Hairspray

I’d been thinking about trying this product and it was on clearance at WalMart (sold in a package with a full-sized and travel-sized bottle).  Since I’m incapable of resisting a good deal, I bought it. 

Pros:  Smells nice.  Smooths hair.  Spray version may be more appealing to some people (as opposed to smoothing lotion).  Somewhat inexpensive.  Contains cashmere (I’ve seen no research on cashmere’s effectiveness on hair, so I don’t know if this is actually a “pro”…)

Cons:  Unless you apply the least amount possible, it will make your hair look kinda greasy.  Comes out kind of “heavily”, not a super-fine mist.  Hairspray is harder to control than smoothing lotion.

In Summary: This is a decent product, once you get the hang of using it.  I still prefer to use smoothing lotions in my hair because I think it’s easier to get it where you want it, in the amount you want.  Also, I think this product is designed for really dry, frizzy hair.  While my hair tends toward “frizz”, it’s not usually very dried out, so I think I’ll stick with other products for now.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars  

 Cost: approx $9 for 9.2 oz (300 ml) bottle

Available at:  drug stores, mass merchandisers,

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