Lip Tips

Your lips are probably the most noticeable part of your “look”.  Here are some quick tips for lovely lips…

Start Off Right:  Begin with a thin layer of lip balm.  This will help even not-so-moisturizing lipstick feel better on your lips.

Get in Line:  If your lips lack overall definition, lip liner can be your best friend.  (Apply after lip balm.)  But be careful not to try to enhance your lips too much.  The goal is to make them look more structured, not an entirely different shape.  Apply liner to the entire lip (start at the outside, and blend into the lip).  The lip liner will act as a “base”.  As your lipstick/gloss wears out, your lip liner will continue to give you some color.

Faux Pout:  If you want to get a semi-“pouty” look, apply a tiny bit of clear gloss to the center of your bottom lip.  Don’t go crazy.  You’re going for a look that says “pout”, not “Playmate”.

But…   Those “lip plumpers” vary greatly in effectiveness and methods.  I tried one that was very “cinnamon-y” and it burned.  Oh, it plumped my lips, alright, but they looked more inflamed than full.  The outside edge of my top lip (which is already not very smooth) ended up looking even more un-smooth.

Experiment:  Try different colors.  You might be surprised what looks good on you.  Getting stuck in a beauty rut will make you feel “bleh”.



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  1. Great tips!


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