Review: Fruitopia “Curls & Waves” Shampoo and Conditioner

While I have stopped hating my hair for its waviness, I haven’t stopped looking for products to help it keep its shape or those that fight frizz.  I got a good deal on these products, so I was willing to give them a try…

Pros:  Paraben-free.  Inexpensive.  Slight frizz control.  Nice fruity/floral fragrance.  Doesn’t build up on hair, even after a week of everyday use.  Satisfaction guaranteed “or your money back”.

Cons:  Makes hair feel kind of heavy/waxy, mostly when wet.  It’s only available at CVS.

In Summary:  This isn’t my favorite shampoo/conditioner, but it’s a good value for the money and I have to say it’s better than I expected.  It only helped with my frizz a tiny bit, but that’s the case with lots of products that offer frizz control, many of which are WAY more expensive.

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars  

Price:  approx.  $3.50

Available at: CVS Pharmacies, (not all products in the Fruitopia line are on the website)

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