Beauty Store Pet Peeves

Alright, I already ranted about the things I find annoying in beauty products.  Now, I’d like to rant about the little things that annoy me about various beauty stores…

Retail Store Pet Peeves:

Induced Claustrophobia:  I love Sephora.  I hate that 1 of the 2 stores in my area is so small that I don’t want to spend any amount of time in there.  There are 2 brands of cosmetics facing each other in every aisle, but two people couldn’t be looking at both brands at the same time, because the aisles aren’t big enough!  Seriously, Sephora.  You’re making an insane amount of money.  Rent a bigger store.

Bad Layouts in General:  I don’t mind wandering around beauty stores.  I don’t mind if all the store associates are “on the floor” to help people, but when I’m ready to check out, someone should be able to actually see that I’m standing in line so they know to come to the cash register.  (Talking to you, Ulta!)

Not THAT:  I love free samples (who doesn’t?) but I hate it when they can’t give me “that” product because they only have the containers with the flip-top lids (yes, I’m talking about you again, Sephora!) and anything too liquid-y will spill out.  Origins has great sample containers with screw-off lids.  Can’t you get THOSE?!?!

Online Store Pet Peeves:

New Customer Discount:  If you’re only willing to give me a discount because I’m a “first-time customer”, then I’m gonna go be a “first-time customer” somewhere else and not keep shopping at your website.  Loyalty should be rewarded, not punished.

Ridiculous Shipping Prices:  We all know how much postage costs.  Stop price gouging and calling it “shipping AND handling”.  The “handling” is about as labor-intensive as the services provided at a retail store.  You don’t see them charging you to ring up your purchases.

I Did NOT Order This:  I can’t stand it when the online color swatch is nowhere near the actual color of the product.  Sometimes, I can tell by the color name that it might not be accurate (If it’s called “mocha”, but looks like “brick”, I can figure it out.) but with the trend towards clever-but-not-explanatory names, you don’t always have a way of knowing.  Oh, and when I e-mail you to tell you that the color doesn’t match (to help you improve your site, not even to return the product!) do NOT tell me it’s my monitor.  My monitor is perfectly calibrated.  I used to make videos for a living.

Advertising Unavailable Stuff:  If  you say I can get 3 free samples with purchase, and then you only have 1 to choose from, at least offer to send me 3 of that product (lots of stuff takes more than one use to really gauge its effectiveness, anyway).  Or just don’t offer “3 free samples with every purchase”.   Just include whatever you have with my order.  I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

“Backordered”:  This is pretty much the same as the last one.  I hate it when things are “backordered”, but not listed as such on the site.  Come on, you know it’s backordered.  And if I ordered it and it’s not available – but other products in my order are – you should send things as they become available.  It’s not my fault you don’t know how to stock products effectively.  I don’t care if I got free shipping.  If you already charged my card, I should be able to get the products I’ve already paid for.


In Summary:  OK, a lot of stuff irritates me.  I admit it.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to be irritated by every one of these things.  🙂

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