Review: Studio Basics On-the-Go Retractable Brush (2 in 1)

I’ve been looking for an angled eye shadow brush (for “highlighting” the under-brow area) and this is the closest I could find to the one I have (which is falling apart).  I picked this one up on a trip to Ulta…

Pros:  Inexpensive.  Retractable/convenient for travel. Dual-ended.

Cons:  Not the highest quality brush, although it advertises “Department Store QUALITY!” (I typed it exactly as it looks) on the package.  Made in China.

In Summary:  This isn’t a horrible brush.  The “Basics” in the name says it all.  I like the convenience of it, although I don’t travel much.  If I ever needed to put it into a beauty kit, it would be nice that it wouldn’t be rubbing against everything else in the bag.  I’ll probably only use the angled side, since the brush is a little flimsy for my taste and I already have standard eye shadow brushes that I love.

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars  

Price:  approx $5

Available at:  Ulta,

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