Beauty Product Pet Peeves

Sometimes I just have to rant.  Yes, I realize most people don’t care about the things that make me angry.  But it makes me feel better.  And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who’s bothered by these things…

“Looking” – I love products that promise me “healthy-looking” skin/hair.  Um, you know what?  I don’t want my skin/hair to LOOK healthy.  I want it to BE healthy.

Jars – Any container that forces me to dig my fingers into it annoys me.  I have long fingernails and I resent having to use tools to get a product out.  I feel like one of those birds whose intelligence is tested in a lab by giving them treats in a tube and a metal wire they have to turn into a hook to get the food!

Wastefulness – Containers that prevent you from getting (almost) all of the product out are equally annoying.  Oh, and those containers that are super-thick to make it look like you’re getting more product?  Also irritating.  AND if your container isn’t recyclable, I will feel guilty when it’s empty and I have to throw it away, (or try to find a clever way to re-use it) which makes me not want to buy it again.

Lack of Clarity – I need a list of ingredients.  It shouldn’t only be on the outer packaging (who keeps that?!?) if the container is big enough to accommodate it.  What if I develop an allergy or I’m told to avoid certain ingredients?  I shouldn’t have to do online research to find out what’s in my stuff.

Lies – Some products that promise to do things (sometimes in the title!) and don’t even come close.  That’s not just annoying – it’s dishonest.  I’m willing to accept that some things work better for some people than they do other people.  But some things I’ve tried were so far from the description that I had to double-check the label to make sure I wasn’t confused.

Expensive Cheap Makeup – I’m a sucker for a good deal, and I love “combo kits” and “palettes”.  However, some high-end companies (not naming names, but I will say that one name rhymes with Sheila) put out made-in-China palettes that are not the same quality as their other stuff.  You’re putting your name on it – why wouldn’t you want it to be the high quality products people associate with your brand?

Unavailability – The incessant turnover of beauty products may be necessary to the market, but it irritates me.  I don’t know how many times I’ve fallen in love with a product, only to find out it’s been discontinued.  (I read a statistic about this recently, but couldn’t find it to quote it here.)  If you make something and I’m buying it, that doesn’t mean getting rid of it means I’m going to buy something else you make.  Half of the time, the discontinued item doesn’t even have a viable replacement made by the same company!

In Summary – This is not a complete list of my pet peeves when it comes to beauty products.  It’s just a list of the ones I can think of off the top of my head.  I will probably think of more after I schedule this post to be published.  (Yes, THAT will annoy me, too! 🙂 Feel free to rant about your beauty product pet peeves.  You’ll (probably) feel better.

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  1. I totally agree with you on the lies and lack of ingredient clarity. There were times when my my skin gets really irritated and even hives, and I have no idea what all those scienc-y/chemical words mean. Can’t wait to see your other pet peeves 🙂


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