Love This! Schick Hydro 5 Razor

You may have heard me say it before, but I have NO problem using “men’s” products.  I buy men’s T-Shirts because they’re cheaper and aren’t made of transparent fabric.  I buy men’s shave gel because I don’t care if my shave gel is pink.  So, no – I don’t care if I use a men’s razor.  I’ll admit  I thought 5 blades was a bit much when I heard about it, (What’s next – 7 blades?!?!) but I’m absolutely in love with this razor…

Pros:  Works really well.  It has a super-flexible head that helps you shave around even the most angular body parts. Very comfortable – seriously, it doesn’t even feel like you’re shaving.

Cons:  You have to be careful to keep it (mostly) dry so the moisture strip doesn’t get soaked.  If it sits in water, it will get all gunky and nasty.  Replacement blades are expensive.

In Summary:  I can’t imagine a razor working better.  If you can get a great deal on this one like I did (free!) and think you can keep getting good deals on the refill blades (as I hope to), then it’s definitely worth a try.  If you’re going to get addicted to it (as I might), then maybe you should leave well enough alone and keep using your current razor…

Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars    (replacement blade cost is the only reason it isn’t getting 5!) 

Cost:  Razor:  approx $10   Refill Blades:  approx $3 (each!)

Available at:  drugstores, mass merchandisers

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