Beauty Tip: Mix It Up

If you’re like me, your skin tone changes throughout the year.  In the winter, I’m generally whiter-shade-of-pale, and in the summer I manage to get a bit more bronzed, depending on how much time I spend outside.  So, matching my foundation to my color-du-jour is a problem.  Here’s how I’ve solved it…

Buy Two:  Once you’ve figured out which foundation you love (good luck!), buy a color that’s the lightest shade you’d ever need (your natural skin tone) and a color that’s much darker than your current skin tone.

Blend:  Mix the colors to get the shade you need.  I usually do this in the palm of my non-dominant hand for liquid foundation.  For powder/mineral foundation, I put both colors into the lid of the container and tilt it back and forth (tapping gently as I go) until they’re mixed.

Voila!   You have the color you need without buying every shade the company makes.  Eventually, you might get dark enough to need that darkest shade (sans blending) and you’ll already have it!

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