Review: Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer (SPF 30)

I recently bought some Aveeno “face” sunscreen and there was a sample of this moisturizer attached.  Since I need a good oil-free moisturizer, I was glad to try it out…

Pros:  UVA/UVB sunscreen.  Leaves skin moisturized and radiant.  Oil-free.  Hypoallergenic.  Noncomedogenic.

Cons:  Not exactly inexpensive. Contains parabens.  Didn’t notice much more even skin tone, except for the illusion of even skin tone created by the “light diffusers”.

Note: There is also a tinted version of this moisturizer, as well as one that’s only SPF 15.  They have pretty much the same properties (oil free, hypoallergenic, etc), but the tinted moisturizer doesn’t contain parabens.

In Summary:  This is a good moisturizer.  It makes skin look healthier but not greasy.  It’s a little heavier than the stuff I usually use, but it’s not unbearable.  I don’t really need the SPF since I almost never leave home without a foundation that contains SPF.  (If I do, I’m at the pool/beach and I’m wearing sunscreen!)  The fact that it contains parabens and is a little expensive is the main reason I wouldn’t buy it.  If it didn’t contain parabens and were about $5 cheaper, I’d be interested.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars  

Price:  approx. $17 for 2.5 fl. oz. bottle

Available at:  mass merchandisers, drugstores,, Ulta

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