Thumbs-Down: Nivea Extended Moisture Day Lotion

I got a free sample of this product.  Although I’ve found plenty of body lotions I like, I was intrigued by its advertising of “Non-Stop Hydra IQ – 48 hours”.  Although I don’t generally need lotion to work for 48 hours (after all, I usually take a shower every 24 hours or so), I thought it might be a nice feature.  I still think it would be, but apparently I’m not to going to find out by using this product…

Pros:  Fairly inexpensive.  Available almost everywhere.  Nice fragrance.

Cons:  Contains parabens.  Fragrance may be too “perfume-y” for some.  Does NOT moisturize for 24 hours – or even for 6.

In Summary:  I tested this lotion by putting it on one leg and going about my day.  After 5 or 6 hours, I checked the “lotioned” leg.  It felt exactly the same as the one with no lotion applied.  I’m not saying it’s a bad lotion.  It’s as good as lots of other products (including good, old-fashioned Nivea cream!)  I’m giving it the “thumbs-down” because it doesn’t keep the promises made on the bottle.  I suspect the “body cream” version of this product might work better, but I’m not going to buy it to find out.

Note:  If you want a lotion that really works for a long time, try Trilipiderm.  Unfortunately, it’s not available in stores yet.  You have to order it online at  They have a trial program if you’re interested.  You can read my review here:

Rating:  2 out of 5 stars  

Price:  approx. $8 for 13.5 fl. oz. bottle

Available at:  drugstores, mass merchandisers,

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  1. Wow…came and wanted to know something on the nivea cream i just got. Thanks and great blog.


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