Get It Together

Does your collection of beauty products look like the aftermath of a tornado at an Ulta store?  Well, here are some ideas that might help you get it all organized…

For Your Deep Cabinet Drawers:   Lots of bathroom cabinets come with ridiculously deep drawers that are almost impossible to use unless you find a way to customize them.  I got these bins at a dollar store to organize my hair accessories.  Just measure your drawers to figure out what you need.  Use them to organize whatever you need to put into them.

Inexpensive bins keep hair accessories organized.

For All Those Tiny Little Perfume Samples:  I love trying new perfumes and – when given the opportunity – will usually choose the free perfume samples above many other things.  However, keeping them organized can be problematic, so I picked up one of these organizers.  I think it’s designed for lipstick.  It seems kind of odd to me since lipstick varies so much in packaging design, but OK…

“Flower Organizer” or “Lipstick Organizer” holds tiny perfume bottles.

For Your Medicine Cabinet:  I absolutely love these organizers I saw on a morning news show.  The shelf is perfect for beauty products in a medicine cabinet because you can put stuff on top and underneath.  The other organizer is great for those little things that are easy to misplace.  There are several different organizers available that are designed just for your medicine cabinet.

OXO Good Grips Divided Organizer & Shelf Set

For Shallow Drawers:  My bathroom has a “vanity drawer” (sometimes called a “knee” or “desk” drawer).  It’s not very deep, so I had to find a way to keep it organized.  Instead of shopping for a specialty organization item, I got a flatware organizer.  It works perfectly.  You can find similar things in the office supply section of almost any mass merchandiser, too.

A cutlery or office organizer works great for vanity drawers.

Under the Sink:  When it comes to under-sink storage, there are lots of options. Depending on your level of DIY skill and the amount of money you want to spend, you can probably find exactly what you want.  There are high-end, fancy products:

approx $60. Yes, really.

And more budget-friendly options:

approx. $20. Expandable.  Adjustable shelving allows it to go around pipes.

And REALLY budget-friendly options:

A locker shelf can give you a little more storage space, especially if you find a bin that fits underneath.

Plastic drawers will usually fit under the sink and are great for storing backup beauty supplies, samples, razors, etc.

For Your Closet:  If most of your storage is in a bathroom closet, you might have to find some clever ways to keep your stuff organized.  I love 2-tier lazy susans.  I use them for my medications (and for spices in my kitchen cabinets), but they could also be used for lotion, foundation, whatever.  Don’t forget to use the back of the door, too!

Double Lazy Susan

In Summary:  Keeping your supplies organized will help you save time and stress with your beauty routine.  If you have to share a bathroom, it can also help keep peace in your home. Find what works for your space and try to “think outside the box” when coming up with storage solutions.

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  1. Awesome tips! Thank you!!!

  2. Love the lipstick holder!! I’m always having trouble with where to store all my products…great post! xx


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