Keep Your Color

Love that sun-kissed glow?  Whether it’s from a bottle, sprayer, or good old fashioned UV rays, you probably want to keep it as long as possible.  Here are some tips…

Mositurize:  Keeping your skin hydrated is the best way to keep your color.  As skin dries out, it tends to slough off, which means you’re losing the most colorful part of your skin.  Find a good lotion you can use (one for your face, one for your body) and apply liberally.  Often.

Don’t Scrub:  Exfoliating is a great thing to do – especially if you have dull skin or dry patches.  However, when your skin is tanned, you’re only scrubbing off the tan part when you exfoliate.  Go easy on the scrubbing and save your color.

Embrace Stubble:  Yes, I’m encouraging you to skip shaving.  I’m not saying to stop shaving completely.  Just skip a day every now and then.  Your razor has the same effect on your skin that exfoliators do, and it can lead to accelerated drying of skin.  If you’re using a good razor, you can probably skip a day anyway.  When your skin is nicely bronzed, the stubble isn’t be as noticeable.  If you can see the stubble and it bothers you, wear jeans on those days…

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