Review: Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

Revlon is the brand I keep going back to for mascara.  They seem to make consistently decent products that (unlike a couple others) don’t give me allergic reactions.  So, when I saw this one at a bargain store, I wanted to try it.  It was definitely worth the $4 investment…

Pros:  Paraben-free.  Made in USA.  Coats lashes well.  Inexpensive.

Cons:  The “blackest black” isn’t quite as darkly-pigmented as some mascaras.  Has a sort of “fat” brush, which some users might not like (but which I think helps it coat better).

In Summary:  This is the best “budget-friendly” mascara I’ve used.  I use it as a base coat when I apply 2 or 3 coats of mascara.    Since my other mascaras are more expensive, I let this one do the main part of the work and use the expensive one for its darker pigment on consecutive coats. I also use it on my “basic” makeup days, when it’s the only one I use.  I haven’t noticed my lashes growing any more than usual, so I’m not sure that the “lash enhancing formula” which is supposed to “complement the natural growth cycle” is really working.  But that’s OK.  It’s still a good mascara.

Note: This mascara also comes in a waterproof version, and a “plumping” version. (I don’t like the plumping waterproof one, which is the only other one I’ve tried.)

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars  

Price:  approx. $8

Available at: mass merchandisers, drugstores,

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