There’s No Such Thing as One-Style-Fits-All

You may have noticed that lots of clothing that used to say “one size fits all” now says “one size fits most”.  Almost nothing is made for everyone.  The same goes for beauty/hairstyle trends…

The New Must-Have Colors:  “Tangerine” lip color is the hot color for summer.  (I say “tangerine” because I’ve never seen a tangerine that color, but that’s what the style experts are calling it…)  But just because it’s the popular color doesn’t mean it’s going to look good on you.  Before you spend money trying to be an early adopter of new colors, go to a store or beauty counter where you can try the color out.

Hot Hairstyles:  Every year, there’s a new celebrity hairstyle that makes its way into everyday life.  (I love Rihanna’s hairstyles, but I’m not going to delude myself into believing I could pull any of them off.)  Try to remember that hairstyles should be based on your face shape, hair type, and the amount of time you have for styling – not on what the “it” style is this month.

Be Age-Appropriate:  I once saw two women in the mall who were probably both around 70 years old.  (They may have been younger – it was hard to tell since their skin looked like leather from over-tanning.)  They were wearing wigs, 5″ heels,  a fair amount of makeup, and outfits that looked like they were from Justice.  Maybe it was a dare or a prank, but they looked ridiculous.  Even in your 30s or 40s it’s easy to embrace popular styles that make you look like you’re desperately clinging to your youth.  I personally love dramatic eyeshadow looks, but I know that they are best left to fashion magazines and runways (and much younger people).  As you transition past your 20s, try to focus on creating a “classic” look that’s a reflection of who you are – not which magazines you read.

In Summary:  Celebrities have stylists to help them figure out how to look their best.  Chances are, you’re on your own in this area.  Try to weed your way through all the latest “must have” style trends to find the ones that enhance your personal style.

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