Embracing Imperfection

I’m kind of a perfectionist.  Not with everything, but with many things.  I obsess over the way one side of my hair gets wavier than the other and trying to get my eyebrows to match perfectly is practically a part-time job.  However, I’m trying to teach myself to embrace my imperfections…

“Imperfect” Hair:  For years, I hated my hair.  It’s naturally wavy (and thick – which I never complained about!) and for a long time it seemed like everyone but me had straight hair.  So I straightened it into submission, getting it chemically straightened and/or flat ironing it, usually with a couple styling products to help me out.  The chemical straightening was a pain because it’s hard to find a stylist that can/will do it – and it’s expensive.  Thankfully, wavy hair has become popular so I can stop torturing my hair now.  (Some of the time, anyway.)  If you have wavy hair – try to embrace it.  There are lots of products to enhance its natural beauty like the Herbal Essences “Tousle Me Softly” line.

Softened Lips:  I’ve never much cared for the general lack of definition of my lips (especially the top one!) so I’ve always had a lip balm, liner, gloss ritual.  But the whole “perfect lips” look is no longer the only acceptably beautiful way to do it, so here’s a new thing I’m trying (mostly on my “faux naturale” days):  Lip balm, lip liner, lip balm.  I condition with the first layer of balm, give lips some color and a little definition with the liner and then mess them up just a bit with the second coat of balm.  So, my lips have some color but not an overly “made up” look.  The same look can be achieved by using any lip balm over already-done lipstick.  It just kind of “softens” the look.

“Sisters, Not Twins”:   This is the phrase a Sephora store associate said I should be using for my eyebrows.  They’re supposed to look similar – they don’t have to be identical.  Even when I use brow templates, I’m unable to make them look exactly alike.  But guess what?  Nothing on our bodies is symmetrical – why should we expect the things we “enhance” to be exactly alike?

Embrace Your Imperfections:  Nobody’s perfect.  Yes, it’s a cliché.  It also happens to be true.  Sometimes our imperfections drive us crazy but if we can find a way to work with them instead of against them, we can save ourselves some stress.  And maybe some time and money, too.

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