Great Gadgets

I love gadgets – everything from power tools to kitchen utensils.  I don’t even care how overly-specific the tool might be for the job.  If it seems like it will make my life easier, I want it.  Here’s a list of beauty-related gadgets I love

Heat Protection Mat:   You might worry about damaging your countertop with the heat from your flat/curling iron.  Worry no more!  Just get a protective mat.  They’re kind of hard to find in stores (although high-end flat irons usually come with them) so shop around online.

Flat Iron Traveling Case:   These are much easier to find in stores like Ulta and are essential if you travel a lot and want to flat iron your hair on the road.  This can save you from the theft-versus-arson debate.   (Wrap it in my clothing or steal a hotel towel?)

Retractable Cord:  OK, this is more of a feature than a gadget.  I love that my new hair dryer has a retractable cord.  I think it’s pretty cool because I leave mine out on the countertop.  A dangling cord causes problems in my seating/vanity mirror area.

Lighted Mirror:  My bathroom has no natural light and kind of bad overall lighting. It’s on my “home remodeling wishlist” to add those solar tubes to the bathroom, but it won’t happen until it’s time to replace the roof.  So, in the meantime, I use a lighted “vanity mirror”, which helps immensely.  It also makes it much easier to pluck stray eyebrow hairs.

Nail Polish Remover Pen:  This is by far the easiest way to fix nail polish errors.  Sephora sells a pretty decent one.  The best ones are those that come with replacement tips, so you can switch them out.  For more extreme cases, you can dip the tip in a little nail polish remover.

Portable Perfume:   Have a favorite fragrance but don’t want to shell out extra cash to get the “travel” version?  Just but a refillable atomizer or rollerball applicator (also sold at Sephora).  They come with a tiny funnel so you can fill it up and throw it in your purse.  Handy.

Dentistry Pick:  You know, that hook-shaped thing they use at the dentist office.  (No, I’m not recommending you do your own dental work.)  This tool can be very helpful when trying to get broken pieces of lipliner/eyeliner out of your sharpener.

If you’re also a gadget lover, stop into a Sephora store.  They have a whole section with all kinds of cool things.  For your own protection, I recommend leaving your credit card at home…


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