Beauty Fixes

No, I don’t mean getting your “fix” of beauty stuff.  I mean fixing something that’s gone wrong in your beauty regimen…


Problem:  Glitter eye shadow that got everywhere.

Solution:  Use clear office tape to lift off the glitter.  Be gentle and leave the rest of your makeup in tact.

Problem:  Regular eye shadow that got everywhere.

Solution:  Use a kabuki brush to sweep away the excess. Use the side of the bristles instead of the top to minimize makeup mess-up.

Problem:  Eyeliner that’s out of control.

Solution:  Use a makeup sponge (wedge) with a little foundation and gently swipe underneath the lash line to remove the excess.  If you don’t use liquid foundation, use eye cream instead.  You may have to re-touch powder foundation with a small eye shadow brush.

Problem:  Nail polish that’s gone beyond your nails.

Solution:  After a shower, gently scrape away the part that’s on your skin (with your fingernail).  Pull the skin away from the nail gently to get at all the excess.  If you’re not showering soon, soak your hands in water for a few seconds to get the same result.

Problem:  You ran out of eyeliner.

Solution:  Use eye shadow.  Apply with a straight or angled liner brush in dotted lines until it looks the way you want.

Problem:  Your hair has build-up from too many (or just plain horrible) hair care products.

Solution:  Use a mix of half vinegar and half water as a rinse.  Use softened water or bottled water if your tap water is very hard.  Cool water works best.  Note:  Not recommended for chemically treated or colored hair.

Problem:  You ran out of shave gel.

Solution:  Use conditioner.  Especially if you have some lying around that you don’t particularly want to use on your hair.  (Like that stuff you stole from the hotel…)

Problem:  Bad-looking eyelashes (clumpy or “spiky”).

Solution:  Use an eyebrow comb (or any small, fine-toothed comb) to gently catch the clumps, combing from the underside of the lashes.  It works best if the mascara is still wet, but be careful not to get it all over.   If it’s already dried and you can’t get the desired result, try applying a little more mascara and use the comb.  The brush end of the comb can also be helpful in distributing excess mascara.

Problem:  Too many styling products in your hair.  (It looks greasy or gunky.)

Solution:  Dry shampoo.  I love dry shampoo.  It doesn’t have to be high-end stuff, either.  There are “budget” brands that work great, available at mass merchandisers.

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