An Exercise in Confidence

Many of us have self-esteem issues.  It can be hard to “focus on the positive” when we’re constantly inundated by messages about how we’re supposed to look, act, and feel.  Today, I challenge you to find 5 things you like about your body and 5 things you like about yourself.  (After all, you are more than what you see in your reflection in the mirror.)  Here’s what you do…

1.  Write down 5 things you like about the way you look.  Example:  “I have great hair.  It’s thick, healthy, and usually does what I want it to do.”

2.  Write down all the “I have…” statements on a sticky note or small dry erase board.

3.  Write down 5 things you like about who you are.  Example:  “I am genuine.  I won’t pretend to like someone I don’t, but I will be civil.  I won’t tell people only what they want to hear, but I’m never intentionally hurtful.”

4.  Write down all the “I am…” statements on a sticky note or small dry erase board.

5.  Put the sticky notes on your mirror. (Put the dry erase board near your mirror.)  Your mirror is not your friend.  It works with your brain and all those society-fueled negative messages to trick you into thinking you’re not good enough.  Neutralize it by keeping a reminder that there ARE things to like about yourself and you ARE a worthwhile person.

If you have a hard time coming up with 5 things  for each category (I hope not!), try to think about the things people compliment you on.  People don’t usually go out of their way to compliment someone on their hair, eyes, etc.  Randomly-given compliments are usually genuine. 

Hopefully, finding 10 things will help train you to focus on the positive.  By finding the things you like, you can learn to accentuate those things, too, which can help boost your confidence even more.


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