Review: Yes to Carrots Daily Cream Facial Cleanser

Yes, it’s another “Yes to…” product.  I ordered a lot of stuff because the deal was amazing…

Pros: 96% natural.  Petroleum and paraben-free.  Inexpensive.  Smells nice.  Removes makeup.  Available almost everywhere.

Cons:  A little greasy.  It doesn’t really feel like it on your face, but when you try to rinse it off your hand, it’s kind of waterproof (like old-school Noxema or Pond’s cold cream).

In Summary:  This cleanser is probably best for normal-to-dry skin, but not for oily skin.  It’s from the “Carrots”/”Nourishing” line of products, so I probably should have kept that in mind when I ordered. I should have gotten something from the “Yes to Tomatoes” line instead, which is designed for skin clarification.  In the meantime, I can still use this one when my skin gets too dried out from the retinol cream my dermatologist prescribed.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars  (for non-oily skin). 

Price:  $7.99 for 6 oz. container

Available at:  mass merchandisers, drugstores,,

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