It’s Time to Say Goodbye

“They” say we should throw out makeup every 6 months.  Some of our makeup is expensive or hard to find or something else that makes us keep it longer.  Here are some tips to help you figure out when it’s time to say goodbye…

Use Your Nose:   If it smells anything other than fresh (close to the way it smells new), it’s probably going bad.  Some products have preservatives and some don’t.  You can bet if you’ve been putting a makeup brush into it day after day (even if it was only once a week), that bacteria has gotten into it.

Take a Look:  Has the texture changed?  This can also be a sign that it’s no longer a good idea to use it.  Eye shadows can start to get “cakey” as they age.  Other products might just dry out, while some will separate.  If they no longer resemble the product you saw when you first opened the package, it’s time to get rid of them.

Try to Remember:  When did you buy it?  Where did you buy it?  If you can’t remember, you’ve probably had it too long.

“But I Love It”:  Some of our favorite products get discontinued.  It’s part of life.  If you go to the beauty store and the clerk tells you “Oh, that’s been discontinued for about a year.”, you’d better start shopping for a replacement.  Don’t take it as a sign you need to keep that (old!) product any longer.  Almost nothing is indispensable – except maybe your health.  (Get the point?)

Deal-Breaker:  If you’ve had an eye infection, any eye products you used during that time could be contaminated.  You should seriously consider throwing things out.  If you get cold sores and try to cover them with concealer, lipstick, whatever – same thing.  If these are recurring problems for you (hint: it might be your contaminated makeup), modify your makeup application by using disposable applicators.  Q-Tips or cheap eye shadow wands will work fine.  And don’t put them back into the product after touching your face with them!

In Summary:  Yes, it can be hard to let go.  After all, you probably spent a decent amount of time selecting these things and you spent your money on them.  But ask yourself:  “Is keeping this product worth getting an eye infection, allergic-type reaction, or acne?”  Don’t think of it as throwing away money – think of it as saving money on the products you’ll need to take care of the problems caused by using old beauty products.

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