Review: Yes to Carrots Makeup Removing Cleanser

I ordered a bunch of “Yes to…” (mostly carrots) stuff from the website because I got a daily deal.  (You can probably tell by all my recent reviews of their products, huh?)  I’ve been looking for a good makeup-removing cleanser to replace my favorite because it’s expensive and it contains parabens.  Enter “Yes to Carrots”…

Pros:  99% natural.  Paraben and petroleum free.  Smells nice/not perfume-y.  Inexpensive.  Available almost everywhere.

Cons:  Didn’t do a great job of removing all my foundation.  (I tested it by using a good face-cleansing wipe after washing.) It’s not as thick as some of the lotion-type cleansers I’ve used, but it’s not a foaming cleanser either.  Some may find this annoying.  Contains glycerin, which you might want to avoid if your pores clog easily.

In Summary:  It’s a good cleanser if you only need to remove mineral makeup or really light liquid foundation.  It didn’t take off all my ColorStay foundation.  I kind of expect something that’s called “Makeup Removing Cleanser” to be capable of removing ANY makeup, but that might be unfair of me.  Fair or unfair, I’ll only be using it on days I wear mineral foundation.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars 

Price:  $10 for 8.45 fl. oz bottle

Available at:  drugstores, mass merchandisers,,

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  1. lotte

     /  June 19, 2012

    How do you use it? Its my fave remover. But u only have to know how to use it right ;-).
    I like to take a little dot in my hands and then rub it softly over my face, and my mascara. And all my make-up just melts away. Then i take a slightly wet cotton pad to remove everything. And voila… clean face.

    • You’re right – there does seem to be an art to using some cleansers, and it really depends on what you’re using. The instructions say “Using a cotton ball or warm water…” so I used warm water. Perhaps that “diluted” it. The foundation I was wearing was typically hard-to-remove stuff (ColorStay), so that’s a factor as well.

      • lotte

         /  June 21, 2012

        Haha i know what you mean ;-).
        If i were you, i would def give it a second change. I dont like oily removers at all. Because of the residu it leaves behind. Only most of the cream cleansers contain SLS or parabens. But this one does the trick for me. It doesn’t sting, and makes my skin feel really soft and moisturized.

      • Well, I have to be very consistent with what I’m using right now because I’m going to a dermatologist and if I change anything, it’s hard to know if that was the problem or if something else needs to be adjusted. Worst case scenario: My daughter gets the cleanser. 🙂

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