Review: Yes to Carrots Intense Repair Hand Cream

Although I don’t have a hard time finding hand creams that I like, now that I’m trying to find more “natural” products, it’s getting harder.  I use hand cream every night (religiously!) because I actually like the way my hands look and I want them to stay that way…

Pros:  98%natural.  Made from organic ingredients.  Inexpensive.  Petroleum & paraben free.  Nice fragrance.

Cons:  A little bit greasy.  It doesn’t “soak in” as much as some products, so it doesn’t do an awesome job of moisturizing for long-term needs.

In Summary:  This is a nice hand cream, but it’s greasier than what I need.  If they had a regular hand cream (not “intense repair”), it would probably work fine for me.  Since I put it on at night, the greasiness isn’t much of an issue, but you may find it inconvenient if you want to put it on and do something like file papers. If you have problem dry hands, it might be perfect for you.  I like that it’s made of natural ingredients, so that will probably outweigh the things I don’t like about it until I find something I like better.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars 

Price:  $9 for 3 oz container

Available at: mass merchandisers, drugstores,,

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