Review: Yes to Carrots Lip Butter (in “Berry”)

I’m one of those people who never leaves home without lip balm.  I’m not all OCD about it, putting it on 10 times a day, but I can’t stand having even slightly dry lips.  So, I’ve tried a lot of lip balms.  While I’ve fallen in love with Jack Black lip balm, I’m not fond of its price tag.  This Yes to Carrots one was part of a “kit” I bought with my online order at (The SPF 15 pomegranate one that came in the kit was on backorder, this is the one I requested for a replacement.)  Here’s my review…

Pros:  All Natural Ingredients.  Made from organic ingredients (95% organic). No Animal Testing. Paraben, Petroleum & Phthalate Free.  Nice fragrance. Made in USA.  Inexpensive.  Goes on smoothly.

Cons:  I find the “lip butter” description to be a little misleading.  It’s a stick, and it’s not creamy.  I always think of “lip butter” as something that comes in some sort of tube or “pot” type of container.  No SPF.  (This may be important to you, it isn’t to me.)  It isn’t as long-lasting as many other lip products.

In Summary:  As far as quality and endurance, it’s better than Chap-Stick but not as good as Carmex.  In the “all-natural” category, I still prefer Burt’s Bees pomegranate, although I’ve heard they changed the formula (for the worse) since being acquired by Clorox.  Maybe there’s something else out there – other than the not-all-natural stuff I love that costs $7.50…

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars 


Price:  Approx $3.50

Available at:  mass merchandisers, drugstores,,

Note:  At this particular lip butter is only sold as part of a 5-piece lip butter set ($12.99)

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