Review: essie Nail Polish

I recently picked up some clearance nail polishes at Ulta, including this essie “Super Bossa Nova” color.  I’d been wanting to try essie, because my daughter gave it a good review…

Pros:  Covers well (opaque enough to cover nail imperfections).  Consistently coats nails.  Last slightly longer than some others (doesn’t get “wear” marks as quickly, even with a darker shade).  Comes in lots of great colors. DPB, toluene and formaldehyde free.  Made in USA.

Cons:  A little expensive.  The brush is my main complaint.  It’s pretty skinny and not “flattened”, which is my preferred style of nail polish brush.  Although the formula coats well, the brush is counterproductive because of its shape.  (I guess it would be convenient if you were painting a kid’s nails.)

Overall:  I really like this nail polish, but I’d never pay $8 for it, mostly because of the brush.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars   

Price:  approx $8

Available at:  Ulta, some drugstores and mass merchandisers,,

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