Be Suspicious

In the past, I’ve trusted a certain beauty/shopping magazine for product recommendations.   However, after trying some of those “We love this!” products, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe things aren’t as they seem…

Think About It:  A lot of beauty/style magazines are trying to sell ad space.  Also, they give away prizes in sweepstakes that are generously provided by the manufacturer.  I think there’s a possibility that magazines endorse products because they sold an ad or got a giveaway item – not because the product is actually great.

And:  There’s the world of social media.  When I signed up for Pinterest, I did some research to find out what they do with the images you upload.  It turns out if you “pin” them from a shopping site, someone clicks on the image to go to that site and then buys it, Pinterest gets some sort of commission on their sale.

So: When I get newsletters telling me about “10 Beauty Products That Are Worth the Splurge”, I often wonder if the publisher of the content hasn’t worked out a deal to get a “cut” of the sales for those products.

Maybe I’m Being Paranoid:  Still, I prefer to take all advice with a grain of salt.  People swear by all kinds of products.  I’ve seen fabulous reviews of products I hated.  I can’t help but think it’s because there’s more to the story – especially after I spent $37 on a “Oh, this is SO great!” product that was literally one of the worst things I’ve ever used.  It was discontinued shortly after I bought it.  Coincidence?  Yeah, probably not…

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  1. Everyone is different which is why there are so many options. I “need” to believe that people are generally honest and possibly I’m the odd ball when I don’t care for something that other rave about. 🙂


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