Beauty Savings in an Unlikely Place

I love online shopping.  It’s the easiest way to comparison shop and I don’t have to leave home.  (I’m not being lazy – I’m reducing my carbon footprint!)  I have a bunch of favorite websites, and I’ve recently learned that the places I go for some things could be places to go for other things.  Let me explain…   Yeah, not the place you think of to get beauty products, right?  I got a “daily deal” to, so I decided to wander to the site – presumably to buy some new wash cloths or something else for my home.  What I found instead were a lot of great deals on makeup, perfume, and beauty-related appliances.  Kind of surprising.

Keep in Mind:  These deals are kind of “hit and miss”.  Some aren’t really offered at great prices (like OPI nail polish) but others are priced at a significant enough savings that it might be worth it to check out.  (MAC eye shadows that normally cost $18 starting at $13).  Some of the products are packaged in “multi-packs” (L’Oreal lip gloss, pack of 4 – of the same color.) which might not work out for you, unless you want to give them as gifts or something.

And:  They might carry discontinued products and colors you fell in love with and can’t get anywhere else.  If you’ve been wanting to splurge on something, they might have it for way less.  (StriVectin SD concentrate normally $135 at Ulta for $80.  Eye concentrate normally $59, just $40 at

Patriotic?  If you’re trying to buy American-made, there’s an option to narrow search results to “Made in USA”.

Plus: has $2.95 flat rate shipping, which is lower than any online beauty sites I’ve seen – unless you’re willing to spend the minimum $49 – $100 to get free shipping.  And, shopping online means no sales tax for most people.

In Summary:  Because is a reputable site, I have no problem ordering beauty products from them.  It’s not like you’re getting the stuff at an online auction site (who shall remain nameless…) or third-party seller at another online shopping site (again, not using the name, let’s just say it’s named after a river in South America…)  I’ve shopped through many, many times and have always been happy.  Now I just have to decide if I really need new wash cloths…

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