Review: Too Faced “Naked Eye” Shadow Palette

I’ve been needing to replace some of my should-have-been-replaced-long-ago eye shadows for a while.  I’ve been waiting for a good deal on a “prestige” cosmetic brand.  I got it when I was able to get it half off with a “Deal of the Day” at Ulta… 

Pros:  Good number of eye shadows.  Color-coordinated.  Has normal colors you can wear every day. Made in USA (but assembled in Dominican Republic).  Comes with little cards that show you different “looks” you can achieve with the kit.  The colors you’d use most (hypothetically) are in larger portions, making it easier if you’re using a larger brush with them.

Cons:  A little pricey if you don’t get it on sale.  Contains parabens.  The colors aren’t all the same type of “finish”.  Some are shimmery, some sparkly, some matte.  This can be effective for some styles, but not if you only like one type of eye shadow.  (I think sparkle is hard to pull off and shimmer can look too heavy if applied less-than-perfectly.)  The cards are hard to get out of the package.  I almost broke a nail.

Overall:  I’m pretty happy with the kit.  One of the colors I love most is very “metallic” looking, so it has to be applied to my over-30 lids very cautiously.  I love that it comes with a matte black I can use as eyeliner.  It’s definitely an acceptable replacement for some of the eye shadows I need to toss out.  Now I just have to find a kit with a bunch of purple shades…

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars 

Price:  $36

Available at: Sephora, Ulta,,, other online retailers

Note:  There are 2 versions of this kit.  One comes with a brush, the other doesn’t. 

(Mine didn’t, but it was half off.)

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