You’re Not Abusing It Just Because You’re Using It

I hate returning things.  (Even that shirt whose fabric and color I loved, only to realize later it made me look 20 pounds heavier!)  It’s usually a hassle.  Some stores have very liberal return policies, allowing you to return clothes that fell apart the first time you washed them or beauty products you tried but didn’t like.  In the past, I hardly ever took advantage of them, but I’ve changed my philosophy…

Before You Buy:  Ask yourself: “Am I really going to use this?”  Sometimes an item is on clearance and it’s too tempting not to buy.  OK, the neon green nail polish was 75% off.  That doesn’t mean you’ll have an occasion to wear it (or that you can even pull it off!)  Other times, we feel a need to buy something to get the “Free Gift With Purchase” item(s).  Think about how much money you’re spending to get the free item(s) and if they’re even things you want/need.  The last trap is buying stuff you aren’t going to spend the time to use.  Maybe you have an hour-long beauty routine that involves multiple steps.  You probably don’t.  Buying anything that’s going to add to your “process” greatly reduces the likelihood you’re going to use it.

Taking It Back:  In my life, I’ve returned exactly 2 beauty products after using them.  One because it was expensive and irritated my skin, the other because it was SO far from the description of what it said it would do.  Sephora, Ulta, and Origins stores (probably others, too) have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  That means if you don’t like it, bring it back.  And by all means, you should.  Trust me, that one bottle of facial moisturizer isn’t going to put a huge dent in their profit margin.  Besides, they’ll usually offer you something else that might work better.  You shouldn’t feel like you have to take a chance on something. (especially on expensive products)  It’s your money and you should be getting the things that work for you.  By the way, many of the stores don’t really need a receipt if you’re willing to take store credit.

Buyer’s Remorse:   Sometimes you just think better of your purchases once you get them home, even though you haven’t even used it.  Don’t feel bad.  Find your receipt and return it.  It’s not going to do you any good sitting around collecting dust.  If it’s too inconvenient to return (or you can’t find your receipt), put it into a box in your closet you can use for “emergency gifts”.  OK, maybe not the neon green nail polish.  If you have a teenager in your life, they might like it as a gift.  For anyone else, it would probably only be appropriate as a gag gift.

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