Review: Peter Thomas Roth “Un-Wrinkle Night”

I don’t buy anti-wrinkle cream.  That’s not to say I don’t NEED anti-wrinkle cream.  It’s just really expensive.  So I use free samples when I can get them.  This was a “bonus-sized” free sample (translation: big enough to actually use long enough to see results)  I got due to an error by a store associate, and I decided to try it on my most problematic area – under/around eyes where I’m getting some fine lines. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks.  Here’s my review…

Pros:  Nice texture.  Blends smoothly.  Neutral fragrance.  Actually works.

Cons:  Expensive.  Really expensive.  Contains parabens.

Overall:  If it weren’t SO expensive, I might use this.  It works about the same as Stri-Vectin at “softening” fine lines.  However, I saw results faster than I did with Stri-Vectin.  I won’t say it gets rid of wrinkles 100%, but it makes them look much, much better.  Note:  This is not an under-eye cream.  There’s a whole line of Un-Wrinkle products, including an eye cream, but I didn’t get a sample of that.  This formula can irritate eyes if you get it too close.  (Learned this the hard way.)  So, if you want to try it, I hope you’ve already found a good eye cream so you can utilize this somewhere else.   I’m still not convinced it’s worth the price. (Stri-Vectin is a little cheaper, and I’ve seen it at discount stores.)  I honestly think that if you’re going to shell out this kind of money to treat wrinkles, you’d might as well find a Groupon for botox injections to get instant, longer-lasting results.

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 

Price:  $110 for 1 oz. jar

Available at:  Sephora, Ulta

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