High-End Nail Polish, Low-End Prices

Love expensive nail polish but not the prices?  Well, here you go…

Clearance Aisles:  Ulta usually has a clearance section (location differs by store).  They usually have a good selection of brands and colors available.  OPI nail polish that normally costs $8 or $9 is generally on clearance for $4 or $5.   They have other brands, too, like Essie and China Glaze.  (I’m pretty sure you can use their  $3.50 off $10 purchase coupons for these items, too!)

Online Clearance:  Sometimes Sephora and Ulta have nail polishes online in discontinued colors.  Those sets they put out for the holidays go on clearance once they need to get them off the shelves.  When you go to sephora.com, type “clearance” into the search box.  On ulta.com, you can go to the “Sale” section of the site.

Be Flexible:  Stop using the same old boring nail colors.  Experiment with the ones you can get on clearance!

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  1. OPI is my favorite! I need to pick up a base coat though, I’m lax about that.

    • I’ve been very good the last couple weeks. I didn’t want to shell out $9 for the OPI one, so I’m using a Rimmel one I got for 99 cents at Walgreens.

      • I would totally go cheap on the base coat! The Ulta here frequently does a deal where if you buy 2 then you get a base or top coat free. You know I ALWAYS choose the top coat. I do not have 1 base coat in the house. I need remedy that.

      • Sometimes OPI makes “kits” with base and or topcoat. I’ve never seen them on clearance though. Of course!

      • You should start a business which includes your discounted finds. Buy them up and then list them on your site for your killer sale prices.

      • Yeah, it would be better than those third-party sellers on amazon.com selling counterfeit stuff!!! The logistics are a bit challenging, though. Some brands are very particular about where their stuff is sold. Like Bath and Body Works – you’re not allowed to resell their stuff in any way, shape, or form. I e-mailed them about using their products in gift baskets and they said no…

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