Amazing Savings on Salon/Spa Services

I hate to call myself a “cheap skate”, but I really am when it comes to some things.  I’ve gotten my hair screwed up as badly when I paid $45 as I have when I paid $14, so I don’t see much point in spending a lot of money on haircuts.  I’d rather get it cut more often for less money than go 6 months between haircuts because it’s so expensive.  Now, I’ve found a solution that appeals to my “budget-loving” side, as well as my vanity…

The Place:  Aveda Institute.  They’re located all over the U.S. and Canada, and there’s one in Melbourne, Australia as well.  It’s basically a school for stylists run by Aveda.  They use Aveda’s products, which I love.  The one where I live also has an Aveda store inside, which is kind of cool, but not someplace I regularly shop.  (Their – rather small – bottles of shampoo are $24.  Enough said.)

The Deals:  There are regular promotions.  Today was a “bring a friend, get the 2nd service free” day, so my daughter and I both got haircuts for one low price.  At the location near us, the everyday haircut prices range from $16-$20, depending on the proficiency level of the student.  Ours were $16 (buy one, get one free – out the door for $16 + tip), so even with the tip (and the extra gas it takes to get there), we paid less to get our hair cut and styled than we normally do just to get it cut at our “budget” salon.

The Service:  Neither I nor my daughter were getting a very complicated hair cut, just trimming to get rid of split ends and restore layers.  However, both our haircuts turned out great.   The students doing the work are supervised by educators who are out walking around the floor the whole time.  It is, however, a bit more of a time investment than you may be used to.  There’s a bit of a “process” with the student supervision which takes some extra time.

Other Services:  Aveda Institute locations also have an entire menu of super-inexpensive services, including mani/pedi, facials, hair removal, etc.

Find a Location:  You can go to this site to find out if there’s a school in your area.  You’ll still have to do a web search to find the specific location website, though, because the main site is geared towards students.

In Summary:  Yes, it’s a bit of a gamble.  But, the Aveda Institute seems to be more professionally run than other beauty schools I’ve seen, which I think eliminates the chance of something going wrong.  I got great results and the price is amazing, so I think they’ve found a customer for life.

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