Review: Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color

I had pretty much given up on inexpensive nail polish, but this one was only 99 cents with a Walgreens coupon, and I really liked the color, so I decided to take a chance…

Pros:  Comes in some really nice colors.  Inexpensive.  The brush.  Seriously, the best designed nail polish brush I’ve ever seen!  It’s flat – really flat, not just at the ends.  It’s also tapered perfectly – more like a makeup brush than a nail polish brush.  I’m not explaining it well.  (See photo below)  This brush is absolutely perfect (at least for my nails) for precision application.  Note:  I think this is a new improvement to the nail polish, so look for the “Pro Brush” sticker on the top of the bottle.

Cons:  Not one-coat nail polish.  I only applied one coat (over a base coat) and less than 24 hours later it was wearing off on the ends of my nails.  I really just didn’t have time to do two coats, but I suspect it would last immensely longer with two coats, or a top coat.  It’s also not fast-dry nail polish (which I love) but that isn’t a deal breaker for me.  It doesn’t come in as many colors as lots of other brands, but it comes in the colors most people would wear every day.

In Summary:  This is one of the best cheap nail polishes I’ve ever used, mostly because of the brush.  I would be SO happy if ALL nail polishes came with this kind of brush.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars  

Price:  Under $4

Available at:  Walgreens (the only place I know for sure that sells the “improved” version, it may be available at other stores as well)

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