10 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Have

Here’s my list of things I think you really need to look your best.  Important note:  Not one thing from this list is a makeup product…

Sunglasses:  OK, this isn’t technically a beauty product.  However, wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from UV damage and keep you from squinting, which can help cause those horrible little “crow’s feet”.  I never leave home without sunglasses.  And I have fewer wrinkles around my eyes than lots of people my age. Coincidence?  Maybe.  But I’m not going to stop wearing sunglasses to find out.

Lip Balm:  Find a lip balm you love and use it regularly.  Dry lips are bad, but fine lines and wrinkles around your lips are more permanent.  Product recommendations:  Jack Black Lip Balm (approx $7) and Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm (approx $3)

Eye Cream:  Even if you’re past the point of being able to prevent eye-area wrinkles, you can approve their appearance by using an eye cream regularly.  Moisturized wrinkles look softer than non-moisturized ones.  Product recommendation:  The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream. (approx $18, but they usually have sales)  It’s lightweight, so it doesn’t get crusty the way some of the high-end ones do when you accidentally apply a little too much.   I haven’t tried too many “budget” eye creams, because I usually use whatever samples I have handy.  I would guess that Olay probably makes a decent one.

Hand Lotion:  Not just whatever lotion you have lying around.  Get a product specifically designed for hands.  Apply every evening and carry one in your purse.  If your hands start to feel dry, apply liberally.  Having soft, pretty hands will make you feel SO much better.  Product recommendations:  Bath & Body Works “Look Ma, New Hands” (from the True Blue Spa collection, approx $12)   L’Occitane en Provence Hand Cream (approx $10 for a pretty small tube, but it works pretty well)

Leave-in Conditioner:  Regular conditioner is helpful, but most of it goes down the drain.  If you have dry/frizzy hair, it might be significantly improved by occasional use of leave-in conditioners.  It’s also helpful in summer months, when your hair is exposed to more sun, pool chemicals, etc.  Product recommendations:  None at this time.  I haven’t found one I love yet.

Exfoliants:  You don’t have to spend a fortune on some high-end body scrub.  However, regular exfoliating can drastically improve your skin’s appearance and texture.  It can also help with fine lines.  Exfoliating can be done with loofahs (on your face, use loofah discs) and exfoliating gloves.  These items are easily found at discount stores.

A Dermatologist:  If you have medical insurance and/or prescription coverage and have any sort of skin problems, you should see a dermatologist.  It might be cheaper than expensive skin care products you’d be tempted to buy to try to solve the problem yourself, and you’ll get faster results with prescription formulas than with stuff you buy at mass merchandisers.

Cleansing System:  I’m not saying you have to shell out over $100 to get a Clarisonic skin care system.  (If you ARE in the market for one, shop around online and try to find a site that has a 20% off promotion or “new customer discount”)  But if you wear makeup every day and/or have problem skin, you might want to try one of the less expensive versions on the market.  Product recommendation:  Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System (starting at $100)  Note: I’m only recommending this because it’s what I use.  I had a “Homedics” brand version a few years back and it died very quickly.  I haven’t tried any others.

Good Cleanser:  I don’t mean wipes.  Those are fine for occasional use, but don’t usually do a great job of removing makeup.  Find a good cleansing lotion or foaming cleanser.  Product recommendations:  Philosophy “Purity Made Simple” one-step cleanser (starting at $15, definitely not budget-friendly)  Origins “Zero Oil” foaming cleanser (approx $20, also not inexpensive)  The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Cleanser (approx $11 – less expensive when you can get a sale)  BeautiControl Spa Facial Purifying Cleansing Gel (approx $24)

Sunblock:  Seriously, it’s the 21st century.  We all know about the harmful effects of UV rays and how they age our skin.  Wear SPF.  Unless you’re going for that “mature” look.  There are lots of products on the market that work well without gunking up your skin and are even fine to use on your face.

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  1. Great tips! You are really good at this! Thank you!


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