Beauty Tip: If You Can’t Pull Off “The Natural Look”

I’m one of those women who won’t go to WalMart without some makeup on.  I doubt if I’ll ever be able to go “au naturale”.  I don’t have great skin (although it does look better when I have a tan) and my skintone is pretty uneven.  So, I have two looks:  Most of my makeup and all of my makeup.  I call the “most of my makeup” look by a nickname:  “Faux Naturale”…

The Steps to Faux Naturale:

Concealer:  This is a must for me.  Not just for dark spots, but also for the redness I get around my nose and my permanent under-eye circles. (ugh!)

Mineral Foundation (instead of liquid foundation):  You get less coverage, which makes it look like you’re not really wearing (as much) makeup.  When I’m feeling very brave (tan!), I use tinted primer or tinted moisturizer.

Peach Blush (instead of the pink, purple-ish, or bronze-ish colors I usually wear):  It adds a little highlight without the “WOW! BLUSH!” look.

Mascara: Only one coat of my least dramatic one.  This would be the one I usually use as a base coat. (right now, it’s Revlon’s Grow Luscious)

Eyeshadow:  Soft browns and golds only.  Sometimes pink.  Never my favorite shades of purple or chocolate.

No Eyeliner:  If I really feel a need for eyeliner, I use a light brown shade on the bottom only.

Lip Gloss:  No lipliner.  Just a nude shade of gloss applied semi-carelessly.

 Wow, That’s a Lot of Steps:  Yeah, it is.  But if you had ever seen me without makeup, you’d understand.  😉

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