Love This! Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit (Brush Set)

It’s hard to find good makeup brushes that don’t cost a fortune.  This is one of my favorites…

Great Collection of Brushes:  This set comes with a fabulous eye shadow brush, and angled brush (good for detail eye shadow work and smoky eyeliner), foam-tip brush (for smudging eyeliner), sponge applicator, and “crease brush” (a soft, rounded eye shadow brush).

Very Portable:  The brushes come in a neat little case (with a mirror) with a slot for each brush – perfect for travel.

High Quality Brushes:  I’ve been using the eyeshadow brush for over a year.  It’s held up to regular cleanings and has maintained its shape.  The sponge-tip brushes are a little more delicate and hard to clean, but I don’t use those as often.

Price:  $8.99 online, $9.99 in stores

Available at:  Target,  – Some items are listed at, but they seem to be WAY over-priced.

sonia kashuk essential eye kit

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