Beauty Tip: When You Just Can’t Get the Hang of Eyeliner

I’ve never really gotten good at drawing perfect lines under/on my eyelids.  Even when I think I’ve done a decent job, one line is always curvier or heavier and makes it look like one eye is open more than the other.  Here’s my new trick…

Eye Shadow:  Instead of using an eye pencil or gel eyeliner (which I’m a little better at using than a pencil) I use an angled eyeliner brush and black or brown eye shadow.  Instead of trying to draw a line, just tap the end of the brush lightly in the eye shadow and make little dotted lines all along the lash lines until it looks the way you want.

Good Eye Shadow is Key:  You want an eyeshadow that’s nice and smooth.  Avoid using extremely cheap stuff.  For a “dressy” look, use an eyeshadow with a little sparkle.

And: If you want a softer/smoky look, you can kind of smudge the eye shadow with a sponge-tipped applicator or your favorite brush.

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  1. Eyeliner and mascara are my only daily make up items besides moisturizer with spf. Sad, I know. This is a great tip. I don’t like the harsh lines so have been using an automatic eye pencil “duo” from Estee Lauder for years. The pencil is really soft and very forgiving. It’s refillable and the second end of the auto pencil is a smudger. I rarely use the smudger but normally just use a Q-Tip to clean it up and make it shapely. I have tried the liquid – big FAIL. It looks horrible and soooo harsh against my pail skin, plus I can never get the line straight. And I’ve tried the traditional pencils too and just can’t get them right, plus the constant need to sharpen, then they are too pointy. Yep, can’t figure that out either. But I love this tip in the event that they stop selling the refills to my pencil.

    • Well, maybe you can get away with mascara and eyeliner. I can’t! I think even the most forgiving eye pencil would be worthless in my less-than-capable hands! 🙂


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