Thumbs-Down: Essie White Bright Nail Pen

Alright, I’ve already admitted to not using basecoat every time I paint my nails.  As a result, my nails only look good when they have polish on them (which is always!)  So, I read in Lucky magazine that the Essie White Bright Nail Pen would help whiten my nails without harsh bleaching agents.  I’ve recently decided that Lucky magazine’s product recommendations are based on something other than actually using the product…

Why It’s Getting a Thumbs-Down:  It didn’t work for me.  At all.  I bought one for myself and one for my daughter.  Neither of us got any whitening benefit.  The only thing I noticed was that it kind of “coated” my nails, so they had a more consistent sheen.  Guess what? I can do that with a nail buffer.  For a lot less money!   My favorite part is the instructions, which say:  “One coat is sufficient” and then later: “Additional coats can be applied as needed.”  Um, which is it?

To Be Fair:  Maybe it would work on nails that were stained by berries or dirt or something.  I’m not sure.  My nails never get a chance to be stained by anything other than nail polish.

The Upside:  I got this item on clearance at a website where I was shopping anyway.  I’m REALLY glad I didn’t pay full price.  (But I wish I hadn’t ordered two!)

Price: $6.50 – $14

Available at:,, various other retailers

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