Thumbs-Down: Eco Tools Brushes

For quite some time now, I’ve been recommending Eco Tools brushes – not just because they’re eco-friendly, but also because they work pretty well.  I should say worked pretty well… 

The Bait & Switch:  I recently ordered a new retractable kabuki brush – the exact same item I’ve been using for a while now (I wanted a “backup” for when mine is in its post-cleaning drying phase.)  I noticed the quality wasn’t as good as the “old” one.  It wasn’t as dense (didn’t have as many bristles) and, as a result, didn’t work as well for the coverage I want/need.

The Second Chance:  Thinking maybe it was just this one item, I decided I also needed a new concealer brush (for the same reason).  Instead of buying just the concealer brush, I bought a kit that comes with a few other brushes I can use too.  Guess what?  Those brushes have the same reduced-quality problem!  The mini kabuki brush in the set is noticeably lighter (in weight) than the old one.  (And, no, it’s not because the old one is caked with makeup – I just cleaned it.)  It’s also less dense and has the same doesn’t-cover-as-well problem.

Maybe?  I did notice that the new ones are made in China. I’m not sure if the old ones were as well, and the production got “outsourced” to someone who could make them more cheaply.   I couldn’t find any of the packaging to the old ones because I always “repurpose” the cool zip-top bags to hold recyclable printer ink cartridges and eyebrow pencil shavings.

In Summary:  Forget everything nice I said about Eco Tools.  OK, maybe not everything.  They’re more eco-friendly than some other brushes, they’re affordable, and they’re cruelty-free.  But I think the only thing worse than a company discontinuing something you love is a company changing the thing you love until it’s something you barely like.   At any rate, I’ve wasted about $25 on brushes I don’t like.  And I feel even worse because I’ve been recommending them to other people.  😦

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