They say “It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”  I’m not buying it.  If I never knew what I was missing, I could remain blissfully ignorant.  So, when companies discontinue products I love, I get kind of angry.  Here’s a memorial tribute to all the products I’ve loved and lost…

Benefit She Laq:  A GREAT product for multiple uses.  It could be used to waterproof brows, eyeliner, mascara, or blend with eyeshadow to make it stay put in the pool.  I hope it wasn’t discontinued because it wasn’t safe.  I’m using my bottle to the last drop.

Sephora Eyeliner Last:  Another waterproofing product (Hey, it’s hot here – I need summer-proof makeup!) that came in the perfect container with a little tiny brush.  I bought 3 bottles when they put it on clearance.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in “bronzing”:  Seriously?  This is my go-to product for when I don’t want to wear makeup or need to compensate for my paler-then-the-rest-of-me face.  I also used it to even out my skintone.  Boo, Smashbox!

Revlon ColorStay Active Foundation:  This was a happy medium between regular ColorStay foundation (which smells and feels like latex paint) and regular foundation.  It stays on decently well without being hard to take off and provides better coverage than most foundations.  You will be missed.  And I will probably be spending a bunch of money trying to find a replacement for you.

Garnier Skin Renew Polishing Exfoliator:  When I exfoliate, I don’t play around.  I want to scrub my face, not feel some little beads haphazardly massaging my face.  This came in a set with a moisturizer I don’t like and just throw away.  For the last year or so, I’ve been buying every set I see at TJ Maxx or wherever.  (Except that time some moron put the price at $14.) Eventually, my supply will run out and I’ll have to find something else or use those bad-smelling loofah discs…

Bourjois Ultra Black Mascara:  I got this in a mini-kit that was on clearance at Sephora, only to find that Sephora stopped carrying the brand.  Ulta sells some of their stuff, but no longer has this mascara (of course).  A third-party seller on is selling it for $32 (plus shipping!) and I just don’t love anything enough to pay more than double what it’s worth.  I’ve found a suitable replacement, but I’m still hurt.

About 50 Bath & Body Works Fragrances:  Seriously, you guys rotate your fragrance collection more often than I buy new shoes.  It’s annoying.  OK, I love going to the outlet and getting stuff cheaper, but still.  And what’s with the “seasonal” fragrances that aren’t really seasonal?  I’d be glad to have anything that smells like chocolate or cinnamon all year long!  I understand your stores are small.  At least let me order it online…

Plain Old Pantene Shampoo:  Your stuff was fine before you made 20 different varieties.  I really don’t like having to spend 20 minutes in the shampoo aisle reading tiny print on bottles to figure out what kind I should buy.  Oh, and by the way – the last 2 varieties I tried were really horrible, even though they were appropriate for my hair type.

100 Other Things I Don’t Remember:  It happens a lot.  Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I shouldn’t take it so hard.  And yeah, I know change is inevitable.  Really, I’m glad to embrace change in many parts of my life – just not the ones that cause me to spend money on products I may or may not like when I already found something I know I like.

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  1. I really dislike it when they discontinue products. So irritating b/c its so hard to find something good in the first place.

    • With some companies, it seems like they want you to get hooked on the brand and then when they discontinue stuff, I guess they think you’ll try something else they make. I think if you can show proof of purchase of a discontinued product, they should give you a new product to try for free. So few companies reward customer loyalty and they need to figure out that people tell their friends about stuff they like, which is free advertising. (thus: worth rewarding)


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