Beauty Bargains at Discount Stores

If you love buying beauty products (or just seem to use a lot of them), or are looking for some “prestige brand” items to give as gifts, here are some hints on where you might be able to find them…

TJ Maxx/Marshall’s/Ross:   These stores have a varied selection of miscellaneous items.  Sometimes they’re “out of season” items (like pumpkin spice scent or whatever), sometimes the stuff has been discontinued, and sometimes it’s just there because the company changed the packaging or something.  Brands I’ve seen at these stores:  The Body Shop, H20+, Strivectin, Philosophy, Estee Lauder, Burt’s Bees, Tigi, OPI, and others.   These stores are also a good place to look for your favorite fragrances at a significant discount, as long as it’s been on the market for a while.

Big Lots:  These stores don’t sell prestige brands, but they do sell drugstore brands like Almay, Revlon, etc.  Their selection is also very hit-and-miss, but the deals are pretty impressive.

Burlington Coat Factory:  This is another place you might look for your favorite perfumes.  The prices aren’t always super-competitive, but it’s probably going to be cheaper than walking into a Sephora store to buy it.

Perfume-Specific Stores:  A lot of these types of stores run BOGO promotions or special deals on certain fragrances.  If there’s one in your area, check it out to get an idea of what they have.

Helpful Hint:  (for smartphone users)  If you’re shopping at a discount store and want to find out if you’re getting a good deal, try using an app like ShopSavvy (free download).  It allows you to scan a product and see what the prices are for that product in local stores and online.  Not everything is programmed in, but it’s a helpful tool.

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