Review: Colorescience Pro Brush Cleaner

I was almost out of brush cleaner (I’ve been using Ulta Professional brand) and I was ordering some other stuff online, so I added this one to my cart…

Pros:  Costs less than some others.  The spray bottle works really well.  It cleans as well as others.  Helps brushes dry faster.  It’s probably better at sanitizing than other brush cleansers. (keep reading)

Cons:  It smells VERY heavily of alcohol and peroxide, which are listed as the second and third ingredients.  Seriously, it smells kind of bad, unless you just love that antiseptic fragrance…

Overall:  It works fine, but I don’t love the smell of it.  It comes in a pretty metal container, which I thought I liked.  Now I realize it will just make it harder for me to see how much I have left.  Of course, I hope I go through it very quickly, because I’d like to go back to the better-smelling Ulta Professional product.

Price:  $10 for 4 fl. oz. bottle

Available at:,, and various other online retailers

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