Shopping Tip: Maximizing Coupons

I love using coupons.  The way I see it – the more I save, the more stuff I can buy!  Here are some ways to get even more value out of your coupons…

Target:  These stores allow you to use store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons together.  Target usually has makeup coupons on their website, and they’re usually for brands like Revlon and L’Oreal, who regularly put out manufacturer’s coupons.  Even if the item costs 20 cents more at Target, it’s worth it to buy it there if you can use both coupons.  Also, Target usually has stuff on clearance that you can get very inexpensively if you have the right coupon(s).

Ulta:  Their stores accept manufacturer’s coupons.  I had no idea they did until recently.  Using their store promotions, Ulta coupons, and manufacturer’s coupons can really help you save.

Walgreens:  Sometimes Walgreens has in-store coupons (in booklets near the store circulars) that you can use with manufacturer’s coupons.  However, here’s Walgreens’ coupon policy:  Your number of items has to be the same or greater than the number of coupons.  So, If you buy 5 items, you can only have 5 coupons of any kind.  (Of course, nothing’s stopping you from buying that 25 cent piece of candy to have enough items to use your 50 cent coupon…)

Online Shopping:  Using sites like Fat Wallet and Ebates can get you cash back at your favorite stores.  Even if they don’t have any coupons listed for the site you want to shop at, check for current promotional codes.   Combining the cash back and promotion code savings can make stuff much more affordable.

Mail-in Rebates:  Just because you have a “Try Me Free” rebate deal doesn’t mean you can’t use coupons.  You’ll just be getting more back, because you get refunded the amount of purchase (not amount of purchase minus coupons).  If you’re trying to be sneaky, though, you should avoid shopping at stores whose receipts make it obvious that you’ve used a coupon.  Target stores list the coupon very clearly on the receipt.  However, WalMart’s receipts just have a laundry list of “manufacturer’s coupon” items at the end.


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