Beauty Tip: How to Hide

Since my skin is going through some sort of weird pre-midlife crisis, I’ve been getting lots of breakouts.  (Seriously, my teenaged children have better skin than I do right now!)  So, I’ve been forced to learn some new things about concealment…

Go Green:  No, I don’t mean eco-friendly.  Green concealer can be your best friend when it comes to hiding anything red.  Green neutralizes red on skin (or blemishes).  Just make sure you use the least amount you can.  The green can be hard to hide. (I follow up with skin-colored concealer.)

One Good Brush:  Get a good concealer brush that has a bit of pointy-ness to the tip.  If you have to, trim the bristles so there’s a little pointy part at the end. This will help you apply the concealer only where you need it.

Keep It Clean:  Clean your brush regularly.  Think about it – you’re using it to apply makeup to hide something that’s caused by bacteria.

Speaking of Clean:  Choose your concealer carefully.  If you’re using it to conceal blemishes every day, you should probably avoid anything that comes in a “pot” type of container.  You’ll be putting your (probably-not-cleaned-daily) brush in there over and over.  Try to find a concealer that comes in a squeezable tube, so you can just apply a bit of what you need onto your (clean!) hand, piece of foil, or whatever.  Or – if it doesn’t come in a tube – you can just dig out the amount you need with a toothpick and put it onto the hand, foil, whatever.

No Polka Dots:  Proper color choice is essential.  If the color is too dark or too light, you’re going to have spots on your face.  If your skin tone varies with the seasons, buy a dark and a light color that you blend to get what you need.

Find What Works:  Depending on your skin (and blemish) type, you might want a concealer that creamy or one that’s cake-y.  Start with inexpensive ones to see which you like better.

Good Choices:  The best liquid (creamy) concealer I’ve found is Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer.  It really covers, comes in a handy tube, and is one of those “a little goes a long way” products.  ($28 for a small tube at Sephora and Ulta)   The best paste type of concealer I’ve found is Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing.  OK, it has a silly name, but it works.  ($19 at Sephora Ulta, Macy’s)

Beyond Concealer:  Using the right foundation is essential if you’re really trying to get coverage.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much in the way of product recommendations, here.  The foundation I was using has been discontinued. (I don’t think Revlon’s Photo Ready foundation is a decent choice.)  I can tell you that unless you’re willing to commit to a multi-step process, mineral powder foundations aren’t going to give you much coverage.  If you’re using liquid/cream foundations, you can get better coverage by applying it with makeup sponges.

But…  Make sure you use a really good cleanser.  You might have to wash your face more than once or employ some other tactics (facial scrub, motorized cleansing brush, etc.) to get all that stuff off your face.

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  1. Great tips! Thanks!


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